What is a Customer Profile?

Customer Profile

LaunchTrack wants to help you understand your customers on a deeper level. So we automatically build rich and insightful profiles combining payment data with demographic information and social media accounts.

Customer Profiles are unified, whereas, transactions are mapped together on multiple data points to create a singular, enhanced view.

Here are the elements of a Customer Profile:

  • Transactions; purchase history
  • Source; where did they come from?
  • LTV: Lifetime Value
  • Total Revenue; how much money have you made to date?
  • CAC%: Average Acquisition Cost / Total Revenue
  • Social Media Info: Account Listings
  • Activity; actual streams/posts to social media
  • Map; where they live
  • Address(es); collected address(es)
  • Gender; Male / Female
  • HHI; household income
  • Timeline; when they have purchased from you
  • Purchase Frequency; how often do they purchase from you
  • Predictive Purchase Frequency; when will they buy from you again
  • Audience Member; lists Custom Audiences they are a member of
  • Quality Score; how good a customer are they

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